Are you diving today? We are.

Every day of the year we dive. From summer’s water temperatures of 28 degrees to winter’s 20 degrees, week in week out we visit our reefs every day.

Little changes throughout the year, we see the yearly cycle of the reef, the seasonal species come and go but one thing remains constant. We dive every day.

Whilst we run the most experienced dive school in Southern Africa, the bulk of our day to day business is in taking people diving. Whether you have just finished your entry level course in the UK and you just want some warm water, or you’re looking to photograph whalesharks, we cater to every level of diver.

Our dive staff are equally comfortable guiding a new diver on our shallow reefs of taking Deep Divers to 40 metres to look for hammerheads.

Your dive is our occupation; we want to share our experience with you.

Complementing our experience and passion are the reefs of Sodwana. From the massive teeming two mile reef to the hard to reach nine mile reef, every site in Sodwana is wonderful, we can find something here to wow any diver.